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FLEXISS Web Development

Who has time to sort through a bunch of blah, blah, blah? So we won’t burden you. Here’s the short profile on FLEXISS Digital Design (And by the way, don’t take offense if you’re the analytical type who likes to read stuff; just choose from the menu on the right for all sorts of the type of stuff we put in the business plan for the bankers):

  • FLEXISS opened for business in 1996.
  • About 150 customers (here’s a list of our website customers, except for the shy ones)
  • Collective experience in programming, web design, and assorted geek stuff: over 10 years
  • Besides website development we can do graphics, application development, search engine marketing (we also make espresso…anyone interested?). If you’re uncertain about what any of that means, I guess you’ll just have to call us and chat (can you tell we’d like you to call us to chat?).

Mission Statement

Don’t let our casual tone fool you, we take our mission statement seriously. Here it is:

We help businesses discover and achieve their Website goals

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