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Have You Made it to Page One of Google? Big Deal.

Sorry for the flippant tone, but I’m a little bit discouraged.  It used to be I could brag about getting a client’s website onto page one of the Google search results for a particular keyword.  That was then, this is, … Continue reading

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Anti-Spyware Should Adapt a New Role: Anti-Social-Media-Spying

I think it will become one of the major issues of our generation: un-ethical infiltration of your life by social networks. Tech writer Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols recently called attention to the myriad ways that Facebook can invade your privacy. He … Continue reading

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Website Homepage Design Tips

Well, despite being a faceless, soulless corporation American Express has sure proven to be a good resource for basic digital marketing tips.  Case in point is the article I was just reviewing: 8 Tips For Small Business Homepage Design.  Nothing … Continue reading

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