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What are Quality Backlinks?

Don’t you love obscure technical verbiage?  One of my clients had a company tell her that her site had low PageRank because of a lack of quality “backlinks.”  What non-tech company is going to know what a “backlink” is?  Much … Continue reading

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Most Online Purchases Still Start with a Search

I’m finally catching up on some of my dense reading.  In terms of online services, that means taking to Scribd.  One of the articles I bookmarked (was it really way back in February?!?) has the exciting title: ”The VirtuousCircle - The Role … Continue reading

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Metaphysics of Keywords

A valued client recently asked about the keywords that are used on her site.  She was a bit confused by the keyword meta tag and the actual keywords of the pages. I understand how this gets confusing.  So, here’s a … Continue reading

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