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Facebook Friends Lists vs. Google Circles

“After a series of failed attempts at social networking, Google may have nailed it with Google+. See why and how it could have a major impact on the future of the Web.” So says Jason Hiner, Editor-in-Chief of Tech Republic … Continue reading

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Website Homepage Design Tips

Well, despite being a faceless, soulless corporation American Express has sure proven to be a good resource for basic digital marketing tips.  Case in point is the article I was just reviewing: 8 Tips For Small Business Homepage Design.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Like it or Hate it, Social Media has Changed the Game

Ok, I’ll come clean.  I hate social media.  I see it as distracting, chaotic, shallow, and the last thing I need each day as I struggle through all the phone calls, instant messages, texts, walk-ins, emails, to-do’s is to check … Continue reading

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