“Anything you can do needs to be done, so pick up the tool of your choice and get started” — Ben Linder

This page doesn’t contain a portfolio of beautiful faces; it’s a gallery of working stiffs. Face it, if something needs to be done on your website something has to do it. That something is programming. We specialize in working with programming that gets things done; for your clients, your staff, you. With experienced programmers on staff, we have the ability in house to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and get your (website) job done. Here’s stuff we’ve already synthesized for other clients that we can put to work for your need at a pretty reasonable cost. Need anything that you can’t find here? That’s fine, we love coming up with new tools.

Do You Want to Manage Your Website Content Yourself?


Having looked over a wide array of Content Management System (CMS) systems, we decided to write our own CMS, FlexissCMS.  We developed this application until WordPress grew up a bit.  WordPress has matured past it’s humble blogging roots into an amazingly powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System.  A CMS lets you add and delete pages, modify text, apply styling to your pages, upload photos, embed links…all without knowing any HTML (website programming).  FlexissCMS has it’s merits (if we do say so ourselves), but we have found that we can shape WordPress into nearly any website possibility.  WordPress is now one of our most popular tools, and for good reason, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of website management.  Learn more about WordPress here.

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Do You Want an Online Shopping Cart System that’s Flexible

FLEXISS Digital Design-Installed E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is not a one-size-fits all question, so we have a number of tools that we go to, depending on your business needs.    The two most common applications we rely on when spec’ing out a site are WordPress (Yep!  Goodl ‘ol WP saves the day here, too.) and Magento.  We have an assortment of great tools to plug in to WordPress, depending on your business and needs.  To get a better idea of what Magento is capable of, take a look at their features list (and be prepared for quite a study, they have a ton of features):

Or, just hire us to help you pick the right solution…which is definitely the cheapest and easiest route, assuming your time has value to you.

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Do You Want Full Featured Real Estate Property Search on Your Site?

IDX/MLS Search Solutions

FLEXISS Digital Design has been doing real estate websites ever since the MLS was invented. OK, just kidding. The MLS goes back to the 1920’s. But we’ve been building IDX property search into real estate websites since 2002, and over the years we’ve refined our tools to be the simplest, most powerful property search in Western Colorado. More than 100 Agents, a dozen offices, and two different boards of REALTORS® rely on FLEXISS Digital Design for their real estate functionality. To make our real estate sites even better, we’ve parked our idx property search on top of WordPress.  Not only do you get a greate property search, you get a great website to go with it.

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Do You Want Advanced Communications?

Text Messages from Your Website Using SMS

SMS stands for Simple Messaging Services, and it’s basically texting to mobile phones. Easy enough to text from one phone to another, but it can be pretty handy to text from a website as well. Is time of the essence for your clients? We’ve built applications that allow them to submit a contact form on your website and send the message straight to your mobile phone, or the mobile phone of their rep.

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Publish to Social Media From Your Website

Social Media is one of the fasted growing areas of the web. Are you making your presence known in this arena? Our Small Business Package offering, built on WordPress, allows you to publish updates on your website, and can automatically publish to Twitter and Facebook. Want to post to YouTube or Flickr? We have that too!  We have worked long and hard to make your website work hard so you don’t have to.

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Do You Need Your Website to Serve a Professional Association?

Association Management Website Application

In our work for boards of REALTORS® we’ve polished a whole tray full of tools that allow an association to offer services to it’s members like personal pages, password-restricted information, member-to-member communication, as well as online classroom enrollment. If your website services the needs of a professional association, chances are we have a bunch of tools to help you offer outstanding web services to your members.

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Do You Want to Offer Interactive Google Mapping on Your Site?

Advanced Google Mapping

We first started integrating advanced Google mapping to our real estate websites for obvious reasons. No matter what needs you have to show people mapping information, whether it’s your location or the location of your customers, we’ve already done the groundwork for your needs. It’s just another tool in the FLEXISS Digital Design toolbox.

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