A New Sheriff in Town

Change happens.  Better stated, change happens at a blinding pace!  This year of 2012 is already well underway (and just where did January go?).  Allow me to share about the dramatic changes around FLEXISS.

Changes at FLEXISS Digital Design

As our wonderful and faithful clients are aware, FLEXISS Digital Design is now under the ownership and management of yours truly, Scott Callas.  This change took place as of January first.  It is my pleasure to continue serving our clients, after having worked along side Ross for over four years now, meeting your web site needs.  Thank you for your continued support!  And, I tip my hat to Ross.  Thank you, Ross, for entrusting me with all that you have built up over the years.

With announcements and some acknowledgements out of the way, let’s talk about what changes are now in the works at FLEXISS Digital Design.

During my first month in this new role, I have been evaluating various paths to help FLEXISS keep moving forward.  To that end, my most important priority is to help those we serve meet their web site goals, to be more successful in their online presence and to better reach their clients and customers.  In short, I am finding ways to make the good parts of FLEXISS better, and the better parts of FLEXISS the best – as measured by our clients.

One of the items on my desk is a new pricing plan.  Considering the economic times, professional web development has been difficult for some Grand Junction businesses to afford.  FLEXISS will soon be rolling out our Smart Pricing Options to help enable more local businesses reach their customer base with a professional web site.  I have a few details to iron out, but this plan will be available early next week.

The most important task I am examining is how to better serve clients, both new and old.  To this end, I am investigating the needs of businesses and evaluating where FLEXISS has historically fit into that picture – where we have been successful and where we have come up short.  With many things under consideration, the bottom line is my commitment to provide the best web design services in Grand Junction and Colorado’s Western Slope.

I welcome your feed back.  Please leave a comment below!

Best Regards,
Scott Callas

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