A Peek in our ToolBox

The Flexiss ToolBox is full of options that make your online life easier.  We have tools for all sorts of functionality to help your business be at it’s best on the web.  Here is a quick run down of our ToolBox in no certain order.

Blogging Applications

We prefer WordPress for most instances, but have used Blogger and can install and integrate a list of other blog applications.  Oh… what is a blog?  You are reading one now!  A blog is a web-log about a general topic.  The Flexiss Blog is a running description of the products and services that we offer our clients.  The purpose of this blog is to help you get more out of your Flexiss website.


SMS – Short Message Service is a connection between the internet and cellphones.  This allows you to recieve text messages on your cell phone from a form on your website.  Yeah, we think this is pretty cool, too.  We currently have this tool integrated on our Real Estate Search Application.  Maybe you have a website that would benefit from this tool?

Content Management

One of our specialties at Flexiss is Content Management.  A CMS – Content Management System – enables you to make changes to your website as needed.  We have a powerful in house tool that we have created to make this process easy for our clients, and we have experience with a couple open source systems – including Drupal – the leading CMS for large scale implementations (See Artisans of Colorado for an example of a Drupal site).

Shopping Cart

Do you want to sell products over the internet?  You need a shopping cart.  Flexiss has an in house solution we call FlexisShop that we can install for you.  Additionally, we can work quite well with third party applications as well.

Google Mapping

Google Maps is a nice little gadget.  You can scroll around and look at the the area in greater or lesser detail, see schools and parks, business – it’s a great tool.  Now, integrate that with another great tool, and you have an awesome tool – Take a look at our Real Estate Search Application

Real Estate Search Application

So, we keep talking about this Real Estate Application.  What’s this?  If you are a Real Estate agent, you want your clients to find homes.  This tool helps you to help them.  Flexiss has created a series of website solutions for the Real Estate Market, that lets your clients search the MLS on YOUR website.  Your branding, your contact information, your everything.  Our upper level packages throw in SMS and CMS and a few other nifty tools.  Our budget package will save you money, provide you (and your clients) the MLS search, and will represent your business well.  If you have an office full of agents, we solution for you too!

Association Manager

Flexiss has developed a great tool for managing large professional associations. This application is design to handle a large professional membership, giving the leadership a host of tools to communicate with those on the roster, to publish related documents, to provide necessary training or education and more.

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