Email Marketing Partnership with Constant Contact

FLEXISS is happy to announce that we have entered a partnership with the top name in Email Marketing, Constant Contact!

What this means for our clients is that we are now able to offer you all the services and products of Constant Contact, help with setting up your account, integration with your website, and much more.  And, to make things a bit simpler, by signing up with Constant Contact through us you can maintain a single invoice for all of your web services.

Email Marketing is made simple by Constant Contact.  As Constant Contact says, Choose a design, write your message and hit send.  The features of Constant Contact will make your head spin!  You can see who you have sent your message to, if they have received it, if they have opened it, and the list goes on.  Constant Contact also gives you a Learning Center, chocked full of resources to help you learn how to effectively use your account. If you would benefit from an Email Marketing campaign, be sure to contact us!

Click here for more information on Constant Contact!

Create a Constant Contact Account!

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