Small Business Websites Just got Better

New: Small Biz Website Packages from FLEXISS.  Simple, Beautiful, Affordable.

We know how it is. A Website can sometimes seem less like a rocket booster for your business, and more like dead weight.

After 10 years of Web development we have a pretty clear idea of what our clients typically want:

  • A site that’s simple for their customers to use
  • A site that they can update…and that’s simple for them to update
  • A site that won’t scare the search engines away
  • A site that fits a small business budget
  • A site that looks professional, and that conveys the right image for their business
  • A Website provider who owns a telephone (and uses it), who listens, speaks English, understands, and responds

Introducing the FLEXISS Small Business Website package

We based our new Website package on the popular WordPress platform, which allows us to offer tremendous sophistication, power, and flexibility, combined with just about any visual appearance you can imagine; and at an affordable cost. WordPress allows us to focus on communicating with you, coaching you, and supporting you, instead of keeping our heads buried in geeky Web programming (which we can still do, by the way, just in case you were wondering).

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