Convergence Utopia? Really?


Just read an interesting article at TechRepublic about the possibility of the current proliferation of devices (i.e. notebook computer, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc) eventually converging into a single device.  The author, a bright fellow by the name of Jason Hines, expects that to eventually play out as either a tablet computer (such as the iPad) or a smartphone (read iPhone or Android).  He suspects that docking stations will play a role here, as users will want a full size monitor and keyboard at their desk.
For a user like me it is indeed all about the keyboard and the monitor. Unhook me from my keyboard and chain me to a touchscreen and I will definitely pursue my other ambition of becoming a fur trapper north of the Arctic circle.
So the idea of a dock is attractive if you want to sell me on this technology utopia, where iPad and iPhone rule as benevolent dictators over a happy world of careless bears, until I think of leaving my dock at home every time I travel and then being stuck with a tablet or a phone in a hotel room punching away with my thumbs.
Little Jack horner had no use for SEO/SEMI mean am I the only one who feels thumbs were designed for nobler and more useful tasks than this stupid faux-keying we all are doing? Like hitchiking, or indicating hearty approval? Or pulling out a plumb.


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