Great Expecations

While reading a recent article on about “shape-shifting chips”, I began to reflect back on the many technological advancements of the past 15 years. Everyday, I am reminded of the potential of the internet. I wonder, will there ever be an end to these advancements? Where will we be in fifty years? In five years? My mind began to wander. If we are already capable of accessing our computers from our phones, how far are we from having the same accessibility with things like household appliances?

I am fairly confident that sometime within the next decade, it won’t be a problem when, in the middle of a meeting, you remember you left your car doors unlocked, or the oven on. Just pull out your cell phone, problem fixed. Heck, someday WalMart employees could be manning the cash register from their laptops. Maybe, in the distant future, we’ll be hooked up to a super computer. Every day we make significant progress in technology, and as scary as it is, it’s pretty cool!

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