Social Media Overload and How I (halfway) Keep Up With It

Yikes.  I started this morning 3 days behind on all my social media “stuff” and here it is 3 hours before I get it all caught up.  The wonder is that I was able to get caught up at all.

Here’s the challenge: Now that social media has become an obligatory part of my web developer life, I’m following my own Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus the Facebook page for FLEXISS and Colorado Web Workshops (another of our ventures), plus the Facebook pages for about 10 customers, plus the Twitter account for FLEXISS, plus all the Twitter accounts I follow to stay abreast of trends in my industry, plus my LinkedIn account, plus the several LinkedIn professional groups I have joined.  And the list is growing every time I friend someone or follow someone on Twitter.

Here’s how I can at least get it all into a manageable format.  I use something called Nutshellmail by Constant Contact.  Nutshellmail logs into all my social media accounts for me and then sends me an email update of the activity.  It will show me what happens on my Facebook wall, my Facebook pages, my own Twitter accounts, the Tweets from everyone I follow.  It will even show my Twitter saved searches.

Social media tool nutshellmailIt will also let me know about activity on LinkedIn, Youtube, Yelp.  (But they’ve got to get Google+ into the mix fast).

If you’re like me, and you find it impossible to log into a ton of different social media sites to stay current, you really need to check out Nutshellmail.  However, to use it you need to sign up to a free trial of Constant Contact.

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