The Hidden Power of Google Search

How many times have you been stunned by typing a search into Google, waiting the 0.16 seconds (or thereabouts) that Google says it took to conduct your search, and then seeing exactly what you want?

Ok, now think about the times you’ve searched and searched and never been able to come up with an answer or a resource you were looking for?

If you’re like me, those two scenarios are running neck and neck.  It’s true that my wife thinks I’m better at finding things on the Internet than her (and of course that typically means finding things on Google).  But little does she know (until now) how frustrated I often am in not finding what I want.

I always knew that there were more powerful ways to search on Google, but who has the time to research them?  So, I was very grateful to Josh Catone over at Mashable for posting a clear, concise infographic giving you the skills of a Google Search Jedi in a little under 10 minutes.  Yes, I realize you’ll never remember them, so you’d better book-mark this page as a reference for when you do need them.

Powerful Google search tips, graphically presented

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