All Hail the Commodore!

Commodore 64 computerDennis alerted me to an exciting development in the world of technology, and all I can say is, oh yeah, baby!  I’ve gotta have one.   My sons won’t understand why this turns old geeks like me and Dennis on, but a Commodore 64?   Fully rebuilt, Windows7-compatible, with Ubuntu, HDMI, Blu Ray?  I mean that’s as beautiful as it gets.


Barry Altman, a retro-grouch with passion formed a company called Commodore USA LLC, got the rights to the Commodore brand, and packed a wolf into an old sheep’s clothing.  He’s selling it at the same price as the original Commodore 64.  Problem is, they sold out within 24 hours.

classic vw beetleOK, I admit it. I never even owned an original Commodore 64.  But hey, I can be nostalgic about the original VW Beetle, and I never owned one of those either.


Here’s a link to their website:

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