Is Your Website Repellent?

“Walk away, Chucky, just walk away.”  Ok, so the Rug Rats quote might be lost on you guys who either don’t have kids, or have kids that grew up before the Rug Rats were around.  But let’s face it, so many Web sites have Chucky’s self-targeted advice written all over them.

You know the Web sites I’m talking about.  The ones that have you grabbing frantically for the back button as soon as you arrive.

So, are you attracting…or repelling?  I found a great little post and checklist online titled 25 reasons why I’ll leave your web site.  Check it out.  Then check your own Web site out and see how you fare.

(we also need to install whatever we need to get integrated to LinkedIn; I don’t know how this works, so it will require some research.  Do we link to me?  To the company profile for FLEXISS?)

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