New Office, Month One – Order Restored

Well, it’s been a chaotic year for FLEXISS.  We started the year at 521 Rood Ave. in downtown Grand Junction.  It was a great location, but as we restructured our company (translation: business slowed down and we had to let a couple of staff members go) we found that it was too much space.

In April we exited the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of downtown Grand Junction (and in case you missed the irony in that comment, just think of the rhythm of Manhattan, and slow it down by 99.99%) and relocated into a collection of home offices, digitally linked by the miracle of virtual private networks and Skype.

But then the unexpected happen…I relocated my own home, and therefore my home office, within a month of closing our commercial space.  So in case you aren’t keeping score, that’s two office moves in two months.  To top it all off, the new home was not very consistent with the word “office.”  So, like many home-based “knowledge workers” (oooh, I just tingle when I think of myself as a “knowledge worker“) I dealt with the challenges of children, animals, domestic distractions…plus charting a new path for our company that would take into account the economic realities of the year of our Lord two thousand ten.

flexiss website design office in Grand Junction ColoradoWithin a few months it became apparent that although FLEXISS was started in a home office, it was not ready to go back to a home office.  So, after much prayer and a fair amount of hand-wringing, we obtained a perfectly sized, very commodious suite of offices atop the Bank of the West/Colorado Christian University building at the corner of Patterson and 24 1/2 Road.

And what a great location it’s been.  After only one month in the new location we have a new sense of order and energy.  If you missed our open house on the 19th of last month, no need to feel bad.  Drop by anytime (we’re in suite 303) to say hello.  We’ll be waiting for you, and enjoying the view!

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