Sometimes in Business and in Life it Helps to Have a Hand Up

business training is like a hand upSometimes in the course of our lives we know exactly where we want to go, but we have a hard time figuring out how to get there. It’s in those situations that I see a role for experienced professional training that can offer a “hand up.” And when it comes to experienced professional training, you have to look quite a while before you find a company with more of it under their belt than Klemmer and Associates (K&A), a leadership training organization based in the San Francisco bay area. K&A has worked with corporations such as Aetna, Disney, HP, GE, Suzuki, Sheraton, and many others.

Last Spring I attended an introductory Klemmer seminar (or, as I call it, a “Kleminar”) called a Champion’s Workshop. I found that the Champion’s Workshop opened the door to a host of skills that have helped me to become significantly more effective both on the job and with my family. I’m so sold on the program that I’m paying for each member of the FLEXISS team to go to a Champion’s Workshop as well.

K&A does offer a series of seminars that go beyond the Champion’s Workshop, and they make no secret of the fact that they do. In fact, Tina and I chose to attend a number of other training opportunities put on by K&A. However even if you aren’t interested in doing the same, the 3-hour workshop on January 6th is a terrific value for a very modest investment of time and money.

If you are intrigued, you’re in luck. My wife Tina and I are co-sponsoring a 3-hour Champion’s Workshop on the evening of January 6th (7pm to be exact), and we’re inviting our friends, acquaintances, and clients to come. We have tickets available at the FLEXISS offices which we’re selling at our cost of only $20 each (we can offer a better price if you’d like to buy more than one). I want to stress that this is NOT a money-making endeavor for us.

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve done plenty of seminars and read lots of business and personal development books, all of which have given me very useful information. The difference with the K&A coaching method is that it has done more than merely dispense information, it’s dramatically improved the way I manage my business.

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