Three Reasons the Internet Could Crash at This Moment

Before the internet was a worldwide entertainment system, it was developed to be a communication system that could survive nuclear war.  However, they didn’t realize exactly what this monster would become, and as we speak, the whole thing is resting on a pretty shaky foundation. So shaky, in fact, that it could collapse at any moment. Here’s why:

1. The internet is a series of cables that aren’t really that well protected. The largest of them could be destroyed by an earthquake.

2. Our Buddy Leo. You don’t know Leo Kuvayev personally, but he’s sent you a lot of emails. He’s one of the most influential figures of the spam industry. He’s also responsible for the way spammers work today, believe it or not. He’s a wanted felon, but despite his criminal record he remains carefree and disgustingly wealthy. He lives in exile, dwelling either in Tahiti or Finland.

3. Zombified Robots are likely to take over the world. Nearly everyone uses the internet. Most people above the age of twelve own an active cellular device as well as many other electronics(ipods, webcams, etc). Electronics are taking control over our lives. They are also on the brink of becoming pervasive.  Let’s ponder this a bit. When Facebook crashes for an hour, chaos. When AT&T crashes in one state, chaos. Think about the grip the government would have on us if the entire internet went down. We would have to rely on them for almost every form of communication.

So cherish the time you spend watching viral videos, or even making a transfer from your checking account, because the internet could go down at any minute.


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