Unplug, My Child!

In a recent talk, Mark Zuckerberg stated that using Facebook can be beneficial and educational for children under the age of 13. He said that Facebook will soon be open to everybody.

People are getting a little riled up by this, and I’m left wondering, why? Aren’t ten year olds already plugged into the internet? From a business viewpoint Mr Z is just making a rational decision. People will lie about their age on every social networking site out there, and he just realizes that it’s futile to prevent children from making a Facebook.

This being said, it is saddening for anyone of Mr. Zuckerberg’s stature to claim that Facebook is “educational.” Beneficial, maybe (in a dreadfully time-consuming way), but by no means educational. Unless constant communication, infinite “LOL’s” and an intense addiction to Farmville can be deemed educational.

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