Welcome Back Dennis – Our Lead Web Developer has Returned!

We’re pretty stoked about being able to welcome back Dennis Williams, who used to be our lead programmer…and who is now stepping back into that role. Dennis left full-time employment with us about 9 months ago to work as part of a development team for a large-scale ecommerce Website headquartered in Southern California.

Reduced from 2 programmers to just one, our front-line developer Scott Callas has been hammered just setting up new installations, and so we’ve very much missed Dennis’s hardcore programming excellence.

Dennis happens to have more programming experience under his belt that the rest of us put together. Dennis is fluent in a variety of languages and dialects that are critical to our business mission: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, html, xhtml, AJAX, sql. His skills are especially important to our real estate Websites. At least in the Grand Junction area the recent switch in MLS systems (that’s something I’ll have to rant about…er, I mean blog about pretty soon) without any time period for testing has been a wild and unpleasant ride, for our customers especially. Dennis has been graciously helping us out even though his previous employer kept him working 60+ hours per week. But now, within 2 days of being back at FLEXISS world headquarters full-time, Dennis has almost all pending issues with our real estate applications under control.

Not only that, we’re within weeks of releasing the latest version of our Winner Real Estate Website application.

Yep, although we live in the age of open source, already developed, miracle packages such as WordPress and Magento (two packages we rely on pretty heavily), there’s no substitute for having in-house coding talent. So welcome back, Dennis. A full slate of challenges is anxious to put your skills to the test.

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