Like it or Hate it, Social Media has Changed the Game

Ok, I’ll come clean.  I hate social media.  I see it as distracting, chaotic, shallow, and the last thing I need each day as I struggle through all the phone calls, instant messages, texts, walk-ins, emails, to-do’s is to check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… you know what I mean.

So it’s with great regret, for myself and others, that I point your attention to the Forbes article on OgilvyOne’s survey proving the enormous impact of social media on sales. (By the way, does anyone else besides me think that Ogilvy & Mather’s Web site is a poster child for elegance that defies usability?)

What [they] learned: Social media has had an enormous impact on buying behavior with 49% of sellers seeing social media as important to their success. In fact, among the most successful salespeople, over two-thirds believe social media is integral to their sales success.

So, my own “hate” of yet more distraction aside, I have to reconcile myself to the terrain at hand.  And that terrain is social.

However (here’s comes a shameless plug), we are rapidly developing ways of improving your footprint on the social media landscape without loading too much in your knapsack…(ok, the “forced march through rough terrain” analogy is just about worn out, methinks).

Need more information on how we can make a social media campaign an integral part of your Web site presence?  Just let us know a little bit about your business goals and we’ll tell you if we can help.

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