It Has to Do More than Look Good. It’s Got to Fit.

Pleasing. Powerful. Flashy. Corporate. And always simple, professional and easy to use. The design supports the marketing message and the function of the site. If function is the branches and marketing is the leaves, design is the trunk.

Designing for Simplicity without Loosing Power

We’ve all been there: lost in a tangle of menu choices, confusing links, mindlessly layered web pages. But we intend to make sure visitors to your site don’t have that experience. One of the primary tools we apply is a burning desire for simplicity. If that appeals to you, you might say we’re already soulmates.

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“Beauty May be Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes Clean to the Bone”

Don’t shoot us, we’re just the messenger. When Dorothy Parker said the above she must have been anticipating the World Wide Web. Never has so much ugliness competed for such a limited universe of “eyeballs.” But ugly isn’t just about the wrong color choice or a blurry photo. Ugly can also define a visitor’s overall feeling about a site: the way it navigates, the way it looks, the way it fails to convey it’s message. We create websites that are designed to be pleasing, not merely in how they greet the eye, but how they respond to the fingertips of your visitors.

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Designing for Usability

Is your website a sinner? Has it committed the cardinal sin online? Now that you’re curious about that cardinal sin, we’ll tell you what it is: wasting a visitor’s time. If you have broken the unwritten first law of website usability, chances are you will not be forgiven. So it follows that your web developer should be sensitive to how usable your site is. At FLEXISS Digital Design we’re an impatient bunch, and there’s nothing we like less than an unfriendly, unusable site. It’s nothing personal, we just don’t like to waste our time. That’s why we bring our impatience to the way we build your site. We put ourselves in the place of your users, who most likely are impatient as well, and then we apply the golden rule: whatsoever you would like others to design for you, you must also design likewise for them.

Here’s how we approach the issue of usability:

  • We actually use the sites we build before your visitors do.
  • We optimize all our graphics and restrain the use of graphics to make sure download times are as short as possible.
  • We make sure navigation buttons and menu key words to the primary site sections are always visible and easy to click on.
  • We try to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a visitor to retrieve key information from the site.
  • We always provide a way for site visitors to contact your company (or us, if you choose) to advise of problems or issues. After all, no designer can anticipate every user, but we can respond.

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Does Your Design Match Your Message?

We Don’t Design in a Vacuum

We’re not out to win any awards. Sure, we like applause as much as the next group, but we know that design awards say nothing about what your site is supposed to accomplish. If you have an incredibly clever website that’s flashy and fun, but you’re trying to convince seniors to let you invest their money, you may win awards, but you won’t win much confidence from people you’re trying to persuade. We take the time to find out what design will make your bottom line look good, not what design will make us look good.

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