Don’t Just Sit There! Do Something!

How many times have you visited a web site that is flashy, even gorgeous, but you can’t figure out why you’re even there? Or maybe you came there wishing to be able to do something (such as make a purchase, or request more information), but can’t? Or here’s a favorite: when have you found yourself staring at a site that takes forever to download, forever to respond? A site should not only look good, but work well. True, some of these function issues overlap with design priorities, but some of them a related to whether the website development team knows anything beyond pretty pictures and nice color combinations.

E-Commerce Options

We have programmed our own e-commerce application back in 2001, so you might say that we’ve been doing e-commerce for a while. We currently have several of our larger clients running Magento, an enterprise level application.  Additionally, we have customers we have provided with down to earth packages that we have molded to fit their needs.  If you find that just about every shopping cart you look at is almost, but not quite, right for you, definitely give us a holler.  We specialize in making “almost” into “just what I wanted.”

If you think of a way you can make money online, we can help you make it a reality.

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Better Customer Service is Easy…Just Communicate Better

One of the most dramatic advantages of the Internet is the options it offers you for strengthening your lines of communication with your customers, and often while reducing your customer service costs at the same time.  We’re able to help you identify your communication bottlenecks and apply the correct communication tool to address them.  Sometimes it’s merely a matter of having an online “contact us” form, but we don’t stop there.  Blogs, Wiki’s, Live Chat – all of these tools will allow you to get your message across more clearly, and allow your customers to do the same for you.

We even have solutions that will integrate online communications with your mobile phone.  For example our real estate websites will send a customer service request directly to the mobile phone of the website owner as a text message.  Instant response = one happy customer.  Or, how about managing the content of your website from your smart phone?

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Managing Data and Content

It’s a technology thing.  Most of our customers feel like they’re at the mercy of tech guys too much.  We don’t blame them.  So we’ve worked hard to put as much control in the hands of our clients as possible.

One of our most popular types of website is a Content Management System (CMS) website.  A CMS allows you to make most changes to the content of your website yourself, without any special technical knowledge.  You can change text, photos, add and delete pages, add in hyperlinks, all without knowing any HTML (the “language” of the Internet).  There are lots of stock CMS packages on the market (if you’ve have heard of names like Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, and a dozen others, that’s what those packages are all about).  The problem we find with packaged CMS systems is that they have about 5 times the features, and 5 times the complexity, that our customers really want.  We have even written our own CMS, to fill the void of a package that fit our clients needs.  WordPress, an offering from the blog world has, however, caught our eye.  WordPress has grown up from it’s early years as an excellent blogging package to an excellent CMS.  Taking our experience in the Content Management world, we have put together a CMS system that will blow your socks off (in a good way!).

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Do You Believe in “One Size Fits All”…Really?

Solutions That Fit Your Business Needs

At FLEXISS Digital Design, we guide clients to the best answer for their needs.  We have an array of tools and applications at our fingertips to put to work.  However, we also seek to understand our clients and their businesses.  What works for one business may not work for the next.  Our job is to put those tools of ours to work building the technology stack (your website!) that will work for your business, your company and for you.  Sure, one size may really fit most – but that’s not good enough.  FLEXISS Digital Design starts with a solid foundation and builds the structure that suits your goals, size and business model.

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Measuring and Tracking Your Progress

The only way to improve your site is to measure it’s progress.  How many people have visited your site?  When?  How did they find you?  When someone visits your site, do they convert into a paying customer? All of these questions have answers.  And those answers can help you improve sales, increase customer satisfaction, and avoid costly mistakes.  There’s a wealth of tools for tracking and measuring the performance of your site, and we can help you put them to work for your online business model.

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