Terms of Service


From time to time FLEXISS Digital Design    may impose reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use of its services. Such rules and regulations are called Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and are posted at http://www.flexiss.net/tos.php. The AUPs are not exhaustive and FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to modify the AUPs at any time, effective upon either the posting of the modified AUPs to http://www.flexiss.net /tos.php or notification of the modified AUPs. By registering for and using FLEXISS Digital Design hosting services (the Services), you agree to abide by the AUPs as modified from time to time. Any violation of the AUPs may result in the suspension or termination of your account or such action as FLEXISS Digital Design deems appropriate. An unlisted activity may also be a violation if it is illegal, irresponsible, or disruptive use of the Internet. No credits will be issued for any interruption of service resulting from policy violations.


Unacceptable Content

Examples of content that is not acceptable on FLEXISS Digital Design’s Servers:

  • “Pirated” Software or “Warez”*

  • Hacker programs and/or archives

  • IRC Bots and IRC Servers

  • Safe lists, Paid Email, and other mass e-mail sites+

  • Gambling related (Casino) Sites

  • Copyrighted music and/or audio files, including archives which contain such files**

  • Adult Sites/Content

  • SPAM

  • Sites intended solely for the use of storing files. Your website must be precisely that–a SITE, complete with pages, etc.

  • Bit Torrent Sites – both Trackers and the .torrent files.

You specifically agree to indemnify and hold FLEXISS Digital Design and its subsidiaries harmless from any claims resulting from a breach of these terms, and/or their use of the service, which damages another.

*Warez includes pirated software, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, hacking, password cracking, IP Spoofing, etc., and encrypting of any of the above. Also includes any sites which provide “links to” or “how to” information about such material.

**Includes but is not limited to mp3s, Real Audio and Video, mpg’s, mpeg’s, and avi files. You may also not have archives (including but not limited to zip, ace, or rar archives) which contain such files.

+Mailing lists are permitted as long as they follow our permission-based email policy.

Copyright Infringement – Software Piracy Policy

Transmission, distribution, or storage of any information, data or material in violation of United States or state regulation or law, or by the common law, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights.

Making unauthorized copies of software is a violation of the law, no matter how many copies you are making. If you copy, distribute or install the software in ways that the license does not allow, you are violating federal copyright law. If caught with pirated software, you or your company may be liable under both civil and criminal law, and you may be fined up to $250,000 and/or receive up to 5 years in jail.

In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”), please send DMCA notifications of claimed copyright infringements to: info@flexiss.net

FLEXISS Digital Design will cooperate fully with any civil and/or criminal litigation arising from the violation of this policy.

Any account found with unauthorized copies of software or other material will be terminated immediately without notice, and any material in that account will not be returned to you.

Adult Content

Adult content is defined by FLEXISS Digital Design as any site or material whose dominant theme is either to appeal to a prurient interest in sex without any serious artistic, political, or scientific value; the depiction or description of nudity, including sexual activities or organs in a lascivious manner; or the depiction or description of sexually explicit conduct in a lascivious manner. (i.e., for entertainment purposes).

As such, the following types of sites would not be permissible on FLEXISS Digital Design’s Servers:

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit image galleries

  • Sites with sexually explicit advertisements or message boards

  • Sites which sell sex toys or other merchandise intended for sale to adults only

  • Sites which depict sex acts or sexually aroused people in graphic detail

  • Sites which primarily contain sex stories without substantial literary, artistic, educational, or scientific value.

  • Sites whose meta tags contain sexually explicit text, or which imply that the site contains Adult content (for example: “naked pictures”, “sexy nude photos”, or “hot young girls”.)

  • Sites which contain a mixture of adult content (as defined above) and non-adult content.

  • Sites which serve to drive traffic to sites with Adult content, such as links lists or non-sexually explicit “teasers” for Adult sites

If you have any questions about whether the material you wish to place in your website is acceptable, email us at info@flexiss.net.


Customer Responsibility

Customers have a responsibility to use the FLEXISS Digital Design services responsibly. This includes respecting the other customers of FLEXISS Digital Design. FLEXISS Digital Design    reserves the right to suspend and or cancel service with any Customer who uses the FLEXISS Digital Design services in such a way that adversely affects other FLEXISS Digital Design customers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Attacking or attempting to gain unauthorized access to servers and services that belong to FLEXISS Digital Design or its customers (i.e. computer hacking), and/or

  • Participating in behavior which result in reprisals that adversely effect the FLEXISS Digital Design services or other customers’ access to the FLEXISS Digital Design’s services.


FLEXISS Digital Design will react strongly to any use or attempted use of an Internet account or computer without the owner’s authorization. Such attempts include, but are not limited to, “Internet Scanning” (tricking other people into releasing their passwords), password robbery, security hole scanning, port scanning, etc. Any unauthorized use of accounts or computers by a FLEXISS Digital Design customer, whether or not the attacked account or computer belongs to FLEXISS Digital Design, will result in severe action taken against the attacker. Possible actions include warnings, account suspension or cancellation, and civil or criminal legal action, depending on the seriousness of the attack. Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server, or customer, of FLEXISS Digital Design is strictly prohibited.

Violations of this policy may be reported directly to the FBI’s Infrastructure Protection & Computer Intrusion Squad at http://www.fbi.gov/programs/ipcis/ipcis.htm. FLEXISS Digital Design will cooperate fully with any civil and/or criminal litigation arising from the violation of this policy.

Lawful Purpose

All services may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any applicable law, regulation, or AUP is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material or material protected by trade secret and other statute or dissemination of harmful or fraudulent content.

Using any FLEXISS Digital Design service or product for the purpose of participating in any activity dealing with subject matters that are prohibited under applicable law is prohibited.

Any conduct that constitutes harassment, fraud, stalking, abuse, or a violation of federal export restriction in connection with use of FLEXISS Digital Design services or products is prohibited. Using the FLEXISS Digital Design network to solicit the performance of any illegal activity is also prohibited, even if the activity itself is not performed. In addition, knowingly receiving or downloading a file that cannot be legally distributed, even without the act of distribution, is prohibited.

Servers within the FLEXISS Digital Design network are open to the public. You are solely responsible for your usage of the FLEXISS Digital Design servers and any statement you make on servers within the FLEXISS Digital Design network may be deemed “publication” of the information entered. Acknowledging the foregoing, you specifically agree not to use our service in any manner that is illegal or libelous.

Child Pornography on the Internet

FLEXISS Digital Design will cooperate fully with any criminal investigation into a Customer’s violation of the Child Protection Act of 1984 concerning child pornography. Customers are ultimately responsible for the actions of their clients over the FLEXISS Digital Design network, and will be liable for illegal material posted by their clients.

According to the Child Protection Act, child pornography includes photographs, films, video or any other type of visual presentation that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity, or the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region of a person under the age of eighteen years or any written material or visual representation that advocates or counsels sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years.

Violations of the Child Protection Act may be reported to the U.S. Customs Agency at 1-800-BEALERT

Unsolicited Commercial Email/Unsolicited Bulk Email (UCE/UBE)

Unsolicited commercial email (UCE) is defined by FLEXISS Digital Design as any electronic communication (e-mail, ICQ, IRC, Instant Messenger, etc…) sent for purposes of distributing commercial information of any kind, soliciting the purchase or sale of products or services or soliciting any transfer of funds to a recipient who has not agreed to receive such communication.

Unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE) is defined by FLEXISS Digital Design as any electronic communication (e-mail, ICQ, IRC, Instant Messenger, etc…) to multiple recipients who have not agreed to receive such communication.

Use of the FLEXISS Digital Design network, servers or services to transmit any unsolicited commercial or unsolicited bulk-e-mail is expressly prohibited, as is hosting web sites or services on a server which are advertised in any UCE/UBE. FLEXISS Digital Design also prohibits the sending of any fraudulent, malicious, harassing, false or misleading electronic communications, including, without limitation, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or e-mails with forged headers. Posting off-topic advertisements to Usenet discussion groups, ICQ, Instant Messenger, etc., is also expressly prohibited. Additionally, FLEXISS Digital Design customers are expressly prohibited from sending any UCE/UBE from our network or any email from another network that in any way references a document, image, or Web site that resides on the FLEXISS Digital Design network or in one of our data centers. Violations of this type may result in the termination of the offending FLEXISS Digital Design    account.

Customers whose actions directly or indirectly result in FLEXISS Digital Design IP space being listed in any of the various abuse databases may be subject to having the offending domain(s), server(s), or user(s) immediately removed from our network. In addition, if FLEXISS Digital Design in its sole discretion determines that a customer is in violation of our AUP, FLEXISS Digital Design may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate a customer’s account. FLEXISS Digital Design will, in most cases, attempt to contact a customer prior to suspension or termination of a server(s), but can not guarantee prior notification. Any server suspended or terminated for AUP violations will be reconnected only after the customer agrees to cease all activities that violate the FLEXISS Digital Design AUP and pays all applicable reconnect fees and related charges. Any server suspended a second time for AUP violations WILL be immediately and permanently removed from our network.

Customers that FLEXISS Digital Design determines in its sole discretion to be in violation of the FLEXISS Digital Design AUP may be subject to additional fees or fines including, without limitation, any applicable reconnect fees. Server cleanup fee for spam starts at $250.

Violation of FLEXISS Digital Design’s UCE/UBE policy may be reported to info@flexiss.net.

Customers seeking to send any permission-based email marketing should read Guidelines for Permission-Based Email to see our guidelines for sending this type of communication.

Guidelines for Permission-Based Email

While FLEXISS Digital Design prohibits the use of its systems or network to send unsolicited email (UCE/UBE) as described above, customers may send permission-based email marketing, subject to the guidelines provided herein. Permission-based marketing is defined as electronic marketing that an end user agrees to receive. This is often referred to as ‘opt-in’ electronic marketing. All recipient information for such marketing conducted by FLEXISS Digital Design customers must be documented and cataloged by the customer. This information is to include date, time, originating IP and the location from which the email address or other recipient information was obtained. Additionally, a customer must at a minimum comply with the following guidelines, and any additional guidelines established by FLEXISS Digital Design from time to time in its sole discretion, to engage in permission-based email marketing without violating the AUP:

1. All commercial or bulk email originating from a FLEXISS Digital Design customer on the FLEXISS Digital Design network must have a working unsubscribe link. The customer must honor all requests to unsubscribe within 72 hours. Additionally, there must be text in the email stating that while all requests to unsubscribe are honored, it may take up to 72 hours to process.

2. All commercial or bulk email originating from a FLEXISS Digital Design customer on the FLEXISS Digital Design network must clearly list the email address to which the email was originally sent (the intended recipient’s email address) in the body of the message OR in the ‘TO:’ line of the email.

3. All FLEXISS Digital Design customers sending commercial or bulk email must have a working abuse@domain.com address from EVERY domain associated with the email campaign. Additionally, the abuse@ address must be prominently posted on the front page of the associated web site. Customers must regularly answer any messages sent to the abuse@ address.

4. All FLEXISS Digital Design customers sending commercial or bulk email must register the abuse@ address for every domain associated with commercial email they send at abuse.net.

5. All FLEXISS Digital Design customers sending commercial or bulk email must have a Privacy Policy/AUP posted for each domain associated with the email campaign.

6. All FLEXISS Digital Design customers sending commercial or bulk email must answer all complainants’ requests for details regarding where the complainant “opted-in” to receive electronic marketing within 72 hours. This information must include the date, time, originating IP and the location from which the email address or other recipient information was obtained. Instructions on how to get this information must be stated clearly in the body of the email. For example, a statement similar to the following must be present in the body of the email:

“If you would like to learn more about how we received your email address, please contact us at abuse@domain.com.”

Requests for “opt-in” information must be responded to within 72 hours.

7. If a FLEXISS Digital Design customer is using an affiliate program to send commercial or bulk email through the FLEXISS Digital Design network and the affiliate program becomes subject to repeated abuse by users, the customer must discontinue use of the affiliate program or be subject to immediate suspension or cancellation.

8. All customers of FLEXISS Digital Design are required to have up-to-date and valid contact information on file with their registrar for any domain hosted on the FLEXISS Digital Design network.

9. Any mailing list found to be consuming excessive resources should break mailings into smaller portions and run their mailings during off-peak times to minimize impact on other hostees’ domains.


FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to test portions of any customer’s email list and request opt-in information from a random sample of that list at any time.

FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion the validity of any customer’s email list. Any list FLEXISS Digital Design determines in its sole discretion to be in violation of this AUP must be removed immediately or the customer will be subject to immediate suspension or termination. Repeated violations will result in permanent suspension.

FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to test and otherwise monitor customer’s compliance with the above guidelines and requirements at any time during the customer’s term of service at FLEXISS Digital Design.

If FLEXISS Digital Design determines in its sole discretion that the customer is not in strict compliance with the guidelines for permission-based e-mail marketing, then FLEXISS Digital Design may immediately suspend or terminate the customer’s service.


FLEXISS Digital Design routinely backs up all client’s websites to an off-site server. FLEXISS Digital Design, though, does not guarantee the backups will completely return the site to where it was before it needed restored and resumes no responsibility for anything lost.

cPanel software running on each of our hosted domains also has a feature that allows a complete account backup, which clients are urged to use to keep their own personal backups of their site, especially before and after major changes are made to a site.

Server Resources

Any web site that uses a high amount of server resources (such as, but not limited to, CPU time, memory usage, and network resources) will be given the option to reduce the resources used to an acceptable level, or upgrade its service to a Dedicated Server plan. We understand that some sites will be more resource-intensive than others. As such, all clients are permitted to use a maximum of 20% of cpu/ram for no longer than 1 (one) minute at a time. Users constantly abusing our resources will be suspended and/or terminated. A site that is that resource intensive may be better off to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Any web hosting account deemed to be adversely affecting server performance or network integrity will be shut down without prior notice.

CGI Scripts

CGI script sharing with domains not hosted by FLEXISS Digital Design is not permitted. Any CGI-scripts deemed to be adversely affecting server performance or network integrity may be shut down without prior notice.

Software Distribution

FLEXISS Digital Design may allow distribution of software (i.e, eBooks). If you wish to offer one or the other, please contact us at info@flexis.net. We do require either you are the writer/copyright owner or written verification that you are authorized to distribute said files.

Multimedia Files

Multimedia files are defined as any graphics, audio, and video files. FLEXISS Digital Design shared web hosting accounts are not to be used for the purposes of distributing and storing unusual amounts of multimedia files. Any web site whose disk space usage for storing multimedia files exceeds industry standards of its total usage, in terms of total size or number of files, will be considered to be using an unusual amount of multimedia files and will be subject to special pricing.

Unauthorized Bandwidth

If any terms of service violation is found, bandwidth used while breaking the TOS agreement shall be billed at $2 per GB. 1 GB minimum. This includes but is not limited to illegal transfers of MP3’s, illegal data, and adult material. This charge will be for ALL bandwidth the site incurred, not just the transfer of files.


If FLEXISS Digital Design in its sole discretion determines that a customer’s server has become the source or target of any violation concerning the FLEXISS Digital Design Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to suspend network access to that server. While FLEXISS Digital Design will attempt to contact the customer before suspending network access to the customer’s server(s), prior notification to the customer is not assured. In certain cases, FLEXISS Digital Design will contact law enforcement and other agencies regarding these activities. Customers are responsible for all charges, as well as any fees relating to the investigation, suspension, administration and handling of their servers before, during and after the suspension period.


FLEXISS Digital Design reserves the right to cancel service at any time. If inappropriate activity is detected, all accounts of the customer in question will be deactivated until an investigation is complete. Prior notification to the Customer is not assured. In extreme cases, law enforcement will be contacted regarding the activity. Any violation of policies which results in extra costs will be billed to the customer (i.e. transfer, space etc.). Any cancellations due to a TOS contract violation will result in an immediate loss of any refund for services paid for. You may also be immediately billed for unauthorized bandwidth fees. Please see that section of this document for more information.

You may cancel your account at any time with notice to FLEXISS Digital Design.


FLEXISS Digital Design wishes to emphasize that in agreeing to these Terms Of Service, you indemnify FLEXISS Digital Design for any violation of the these Terms Of Service, law, or AUP, that results in loss to FLEXISS Digital Design or the bringing of any claim against FLEXISS Digital Design by any third-party. This means that if FLEXISS Digital Design is sued because of a customer’s or a customer of a customer’s activity, the customer will pay any damages awarded against FLEXISS Digital Design, plus costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

FLEXISS Digital Design is under no duty to look at each customer’s or user’s activities to determine if a violation of the AUPs has occurred, nor do we assume any responsibility through our AUPs to monitor or police Internet-related activities. FLEXISS Digital Design disclaims any responsibility for any such inappropriate use and any liability to any person or party for any other person’s or party’s violation of this policy.


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