FLEXISS Digital Design WordPress Installations – So You Don’t Have to Settle for a “Standard” Feature Set

When we install one of our small business or real estate Websites we always start with the WordPress 3.x framework underneath, but we don’t stop there.  Part of our job is coaching our clients to success with their Websites, and there are some features that are almost always needed for that success that simply don’t come standard with WordPress.

Typically, our standard FLEXISS Digital Design small business or real estate Website is anything but a standard version of WordPress.  Here’s a partial list of features:

Content Management Features

  • Full content editing: you can not only edit the pages of your Website, but you can add and delete pages at will
  • Full navigation management: change the order and naming of category items for better clarity and better search engine results
  • Media gallery: you can upload videos, audio files, photos and manage them all in one place.  Upload once, use often.

Blogging Features

WordPress started life as a blogging platform, and it still is hard to beat as the standard for business blogs, with all it’s pro blogging features.

  • Add posts or pages with ease
  • Attach posts to multiple categories
  • Add and manage post categories easily and on the fly
  • Maintain any number of blogrolls (i.e. lists of links)
  • WordPress fully supports both the Trackback and Pingback standards
  • Comments: You can enable or disable comments on a per-post basis
  • Comment spam protection: We install Akismet to protect your posts from comment spam
  • User registration: built-in user registration system that (if you choose) can allow people to register and maintain profiles and leave authenticated comments on your blog; you can optionally close comments for non-registered users
  • Protected posts: You can give passwords to individual posts to hide them from the public
  • Intelligent text formatting: quotes, apostrophes, ellipses, em and en dashes, multiplication symbols, and ampersands can end up garbled if not handled correctly…WordPress handles them correctly; ’nuff said
  • Search engine aware: WordPress supports pinging Ping-O-Matic, which means maximum exposure for your blog to search engines

Ease-of-use Features

  • Autosave while you’re working
  • Create a draft of a page without publishing it
  • We install a slew of brief video tutorials to help you stay in control (did we mention that they’re brief?)

Search Engine Features

  • Edit title tags and meta description tags (you can also edit the meta keywords tags, but that won’t help you much anymore)
  • XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Search engine friendly URL’s are set up standard
  • Lots of advanced options if you’re an SEO guru (or if you want us to be one for you)

Management Features

  • Integrated with the awesome power of Google Analytics: you can view your latest GA stats at a glimpse every time you open your dashboard, or jump to your in-depth traffic profile, at your option
  • Different levels of user profiles: you can assign some of your employees or vendors limited editing writes

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