How Can We Serve You?

Every once in a while, the crew here at FLEXISS stops to take a look around and see where we can improve our level of service and the value that we provide to our clients and prospective clients.  It’s a time where we re-think how we apply ourselves to our business, our dedication to our clients and even ourselves.  It’s way too easy in today’s economy to get caught up in our own focus, our own goals, our own successes and our own failures and lose track of why we are really here – why is FLEXISS really here?

So, here it is – How can FLEXISS better serve you?  If you were to go looking for a web developer for a new project tomorrow, what qualities would you be looking for?  What services and products would you want to see?  What creative solutions would you hope to find?  Be bold!  Be confident in what you want, and let us know!

30 Days to Social Media SuccessThank you for your input! Your voice is important to us, and to give back we want to reward the best input with a free book: 30 days to Social Media Success! The staff will review all feedback and determine the best ideas to bring value to our clients and will reward the top five submissions.  Please submit your input in one to three paragraphs by commenting on this post.

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6 Responses to How Can We Serve You?

  1. Start out with the assumption that I am clueless about webs stuff but think I know what I’m talking about.

    1. Outstanding Customer Service – Listen to me
    2. Patience in my lack of Web knowledge
    3. Amazing Design Capabilities
    4. Pro-Active Solutions

    Ask me specifics of what I want – Read between the lines, because I don’t have a clue – Play detective and dig deep into both my wants and my needs – Provide an accurate, blow my mind solution at an affordable cost.

    Then follow up to ensure I rec’d what I was hoping for and what you promised.

    Basic Sales 101: Under Promise – over Deliver

    Thanks Guys! Good luck with your feedback.


    • scott says:

      Thanks, Joshua! Good points about connecting with our clients!

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Dave Schedin says:

    I would look for someone who has a team that is balanced in the creative arena with a great business insight so the process does not get lost in creativity and the mechanism of creating a website. They would have systems in place for every step along the way to keep themselves and the client on target for getting the project done as quickly as possible. They would have to understand where my business is at now and where it will be going so as they develop today’s model it can be expanded into tomorrows as well as anticipating technology changes so the website can be adaptable.

    • scott says:

      Thanks Dave! Excellent points on systems and keeping the project on schedule. Any thoughts on how to better communicate our insight on business?

      Have a great day!

  3. Christopher Irlbeck says:

    As I have watched my wife go through this twice for herself here is what I would be looking for:

    1) I need to know that your are working for me – not just a job you are trying to get done and move on.
    2) I need honest communication – if you don’t know say so and let me know when you will know.
    3) As Joshua stated – forgive my ignorance, but let me know why and is there another option to consider.
    4) As you gain an understanding of what I want – offer other solutions both cheaper and more expensive if they exist.
    5) A fairly accurate quote or estimate; not exact as I know all to well things change and if they do how does that affect the bottom line.
    6) Give me fairly accurate time schedule for key developments and completion and let me know of delays and why.
    7) All things done with the intention that they will change at some point so make it easy to do so.
    8)Probably most important is communication – get me the bid, estimate or cost plus as soon as possible (helps with #1 above) or if it’s complicated and going to take some time let me know – a phone call in that instance is better than electronic.

    As I am a self-employed contractor – I also try to work by these ideas. Watching the frustration my wife went through the first time made me realize that all service is pretty much the same just a different product.

    Hope this helps you out Scott.


    • scott says:

      Thanks Chris! That’s a great list of standards to live by. Hope you have a great week!